My little buddy Tristan. Yes, I am a proud parent of an American Pitbull Terrier puppy. Ten years ago my furry friend (Pitbull) Rocky was hit by a car, as he was crossing the street to lick a pedestrian to smithereens, and passed away instantly. Since then, I was sure to get another Pitbull in my life. The same companionship that you show them is what you get back from them times 1,000. My new Pitbull puppy Tristan is learning very quickly how strange this world is, and despite the oddities, wants to play with everything from my pet toad to any random stranger who walks by him. Spare yourself from ignorance and know that it is the person who brings them up and not the breeds responsibility to train them. I love my Pitbull, if you meet him I promise you will love how much he loves you too.

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